The Alternative to Crushing Debt, Dead-end Jobs, Missed Opportunities, Underemployment, and Being Replaced by Robots.

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The Flexibility to Choose When You Start​

Anytime is the perfect time to enroll in classes at MATC! Choose start dates and class types (online, on-campus or a hybrid of both) to fit your schedule and make your education work for you. Reach your goals faster with 12- and 8-week courses that start throughout the semester. Register now to choose the start date that is the right fit for you.

Proud to be Milwaukee’s Alternative

High-quality education, low-cost tuition, small classes. Oh yeah, we’re the alternative to the way Milwaukee goes to — and pays for — college.
If you’re looking for,

Then, you belong in an MATC classroom — on campus or online — right next to all the other smart Milwaukeeans who aren’t paying $50,000 a year for college.

$50K a Year for
College? How About a Whole Lot Less?

You know what’s smart? Staying close to home and not overpaying for online classes. At MATC, tuition is just a fraction of the price of four-year institutions — and for eligible students, the MATC Promise means tuition is free. At MATC, you can:

Bottom Line: Our students end up reaching their goals faster, not drowning in debt.


of MATC grads are employed within 6 months of graduation


of MATC grads work in the Milwaukee area


students receive over $50 million in financial aid at MATC


of our grads didn’t spend $50k a year on a college education


Are you looking to take the next step in your career? Are new hires with even newer skills gunning for your job?

MATC is the alternative to being replaced by robots. We offer a high-quality, low tuition alternative to the Milwaukee region. One that opens the doors of college to everyone — especially to hard-working adults. And you’re next.

What do new skills get you?

• Better Jobs        • Better Pay        • Better Benefits

So skill up. Retrain. Or change careers entirely. Heck, you can even learn how to boss around the robots.

The Alternative to
Dead-End Jobs

You know a dead-end job when you work one:
A degree from MATC will open the doors to the skyscrapers of Milwaukee and office parks of Mequon. We offer 170+ degrees, diplomas, certificates and apprenticeships — in everything from health care to business to transportation. And we offer courses in flexible formats — online, at night, on campus, and with courses starting in June, August, September, and October.

Don’t be a dead-ender. Skill up. Retrain. Retool. Now is the time to go from a dead-end job to living up to your true potential.

Proud to be Milwaukee's Alternative

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